Recent Activity

WASH Project

700 households (total estimated 4,900 beneficiaries for WASH facilities.

1,460 skilled, semi- and unskilled artisans for DRR training.

30 most vulnerable households (total estimated 210 beneficiaries for One Room Shelter.

2,500 individuals for Hygiene Trainings.

20 village committees (VCs) for training and support in DRR.

Rehabilitation and Development of Irrigation system Project

12 irrigation channels rehabilitation in in process in union council Pir Sabaq District Nowshera and union council Agra District Charsadda.

1,489 farmers will have easy access to enough water for their crops from these rehabilated channels.

12 communities around the irrigation channels will have Disaster Risk maps and Disaster Reduction plans.

15,000 poplars will be planted outside of Rehabilitated channels to mitigate the environmental degradation caused by Reconstruction work.

A study to analyze " How to prevent child and forced labor being used in Emergency and early recovery projects, recommendation for the support of wider fight against child/forced labor in general is in progress.

During the study and Rehabilitation work,600 workers will be supported in obtaining their CNIC from the NADRA.

What We Do?                

Solidar-Switzerland is an international humanitarian organization in Zurich, Switzerland, works since 1948 in the sector of rural development, Labor/Trade Unions, and Humanitarian AID. Solidar-Switzerland is a member of European network of 53 NGOs in 25 countries. Solidar member organizations are national NGOs in Europe, as well as some non-EU and EU-wide organizations, working in one or more of our fields of activity. The network is brought together by its shared values of solidarity, equality and participation.

Thematic Areas                               

Solidar works in cooperation with progressive civil society, trade unions, and social democratic and socialist parties, and primarily active in four areas

• Social affairs
• International cooperation
• Education
• Humanitarian aid.