Recent Activity  

WASH Project

700 most vulnerable families are using safe WASH facilities.

30 Families are living in safe permanent ORS.

1.460 skilled, semi- and unskilled artisans receive theoretical and practical train-ings in flood resilient construction techniques to build WASH facilities (60 of whom receive training in ORS construction).

2.500 people have been trained in safe hygiene practice and will multiply the impact of this knowledge by transferring their knowledge to other households / community members.

Members of 20 VCs have received further training and support in Disaster Risk Reduction.

Irrigation Channel

12 irrigation channels rehabilitation is in process in Union Council Pirsabaq District Nowshera and Union Council Agra   District Charsadda.

1,489 farmers will have easy access to enough water for their crops from these rehabilitated channels.

12 communities around the irrigation channels will have disaster risk maps and disaster risk reduction Plans.

15,000 poplars will be planted alongside of rehabilitated channels to mitigate the environmental degradation caused by reconstruction work.

A study to analyze ” How to prevent child and forced labor being used in emergency and early recovery projects,  strategy development recommendation for the support of wider fight against child/forced labor in general” is in progress.

Livelihood Rehabilitation Project

166 shopkeepers have been supported for the rehabilitation and restocking their shops which have increased their income in the yaer 2011. Total 49 additional workers have been hired in these rehabilitated shops.

100 women have trained in Poultry and Embroidery, received startup kits of the respective category and linked with local market.

205 women received training in Embroidery, Poultry and Dress making, they received startup kit and linked with the market to contribute in the household income, where the income from the male is not stable in the year 2012.

189 shops including 8 women shops and 20 movable shops rehabilitated and restored to the pre flood position.

In 106 specialized shops venue created for entrepreneurship for the young adults, Where 123 young adults developed entrepreneurship skill of their choice for long term and sustainable income. They received startup kit in the respective category.

436 animals Vaccinated in union council Pirsabaq on “Vaccination day”.





Funding Agencies:

Solidar is funded by contribution from its member organizations and by project funding from European and international institutions. The main donor is Swiss solidarity which funds almost 80% of project implemented by Solidar with the contribution of some other organizations i.e. Afghan women organization (AWO), SDC (Swiss Development Corporation), Volshilfe, FOS-socialist solidarity, (NPA) Norwegian People Aid, (WFP), world food program European commission Humanitarian office (ECHO).