Recent Activity  


205 women received training in Embroidery, Poultry and Dress making, they received startup kit and linked with the market to contribute in the household income, where the income from the male is not stable in the year 2012.

189 shops including 8 women shops and 20 movable shops rehabilitated and restored to the pre flood position.

In 106 specialized shops venue created for entrepreneurship for the young adults, Where 123 young adults developed entrepreneurship skill of their choice for long term and sustainable income. They received startup kit in the respective category.

One Room Shelter

886 most vulnerable families are being provided One Room shelters with Sanitations facilities.

600 skilled/semi-skilled artisans and 1,772 support worker in One Room Shelter and sanitation facilities construction received comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction trainings in flood and disaster resilient construction techniques.

20 communities will receive trainings to incorporate Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), to enable them to act in case of future emergencies.

5,012 individuals have received hygiene trainings to increase health standards at domestic level.






Mr. Abbas an Apprentice











Abbas, 21 years old boy, was living with his parents, two sisters and his wife in Banaras  in the union council Pir Sabaq District Nowshera, one of the union council which has been most affected by the recent flooding in Pakistan’s KPK provinces. Since then he has been working as daily wager and his father was a Carpenter. he was sleeping sound when the flooding started suddenly he heard screaming coming from the cottage of the next door.. he manage to get out of the bed  and was trying to leave the house when the water surged through the doors and windows. He rushed back to bed and grabbed his parents, screaming,” I don’t know what was happing to me”. His neighbor heard him and managed to get into the house and helped them. They moved to safe place.

After one week when the water level came down, they came back to their village found different situations. The village shows the picture of a desert, as instead of houses and shops, there were mud and rubbish everywhere.  The stagnant water present there which were causing different contagious diseases. His mother suffered from itch and father from chest infection.

As his father was aged and ill and all the responsibility comes on his shoulder. Now he has a big challenge of supporting the whole family and purchasing medicines for his father. Due to the poor health and having no skill was the big hurdles for earning.
It is the Solidar Switzerland came to Pir sabaq, Abbas says “that I was able to get my name on the assessment list and was able to receive training of Barber group.  

Now he is working with his trainer and what he earning is mutually divided. He says that I will open my own shop after receiving the start up kit. He told that I have the skill and I will meet the requirements of my home up to maximum limit.

Back Yard - Poultry











Nizara an orphan women living with her sisters and brother in a landlord house at Union Council Agra Village Agra Balan, his brother is working as daily.

She was trained in the back-yard poultry training and received toolkit and cash at the end of the training by solidar Switzerland.

Currently, she has poultry farm and is running her own business by selling eggs. She had little knowledge about the back yard and was keeping poultry at her house at small scale as a trend.

She said, “Through this training I come to know that the poultry farming is beneficial business before intervention I was keeping the poultry but had no idea of business and its beneficiates”.

She was quite satisfied and confident and was optimistic of the future of her business.
She is planning to make poultry from the profit and also livestock.