Recent Activity  

WASH Project

700 households (total estimated 4,900 beneficiaries) for WASH facilities.

30 most vulnerable households (total estimated 210 beneficiaries) for ORS.

1,460 skilled, semi- and unskilled artisans for DRR training.

2,500 individuals for hygiene training.

20 village committees (VCs) for training and support in DRR.

Rehabilitation & Development of Irrigation Channel

12 irrigation channels rehabilitation is in process in Union Council Pirsabaq District Nowshera and Union Council Agra  District Charsadda.

1,489 easy access to enough water for their crops from these rehabilitated channels.

12 communities around the irrigation channels will have disaster risk maps and disaster risk reduction Plans.

1,5000 poplars will be planted alongside of rehabilitated channels to mitigate the environmental degradation caused by reconstruction work.

A study to analyze ” How to prevent child and forced labor being used in emergency and early recovery projects,  strategy development recommendation for the support of wider fight against child/forced labor in general” is in progress.








  • Tsunami and post-conflict program (with the main focus on Livelihood Programme) in Sri Lanka, 2005 – 2010
  • Post Tsunami construction in India 2007
  • Post-hurricane construction in El Salvador and Nicarague, 2001,2004,2007,2009
  • Post-earthquake WASH & Income Generation/Livelihood in West-Sumatra, Indonesia, 2009-2010
  • Post-war Livelihood Programme in Sri Lanka, 2010-2012


  • Post-flood construction in Pakistan KPK, 2010 (SOLIDAR 4711/SwS 227.027)
  • NFI distribution in Pakistan KPK, 2010 (SOLIDAR 4710/SwS 227.025)
  • Transitional shelters (SOLIDAR 4711)
  • NFI distribution in Layyah (SwS 230.013/SOLIDAR 4712)
  • One Room Shelter with Senitation Facilities in Layyah (SOLIDAR 4713/Layyah)
  • Livelihood (Solidar 4714/ KPK)
  • One Room Shelter with Senitation Facilities(SOLIDAR 4715/ECHO)
  • Livelihood (Solidar 4716/ KPK)
  • Irrigation Channel (Solidar 4717/SDC)